Memory Testing and Treatment

Memory Testing Service

You are able to book in for a complete test of your memory. You will find out exactly where any difficulties you are experiencing lie, and discover what can be done to fix the problem areas.  You will then have the option of individual help with your specific memory difficulties or attending a group Brain and Memory Workshop group.


It is a great advantage to know exactly what your memory is doing and how well it is working for you.  The testing is very specific and any subsequent help you need with be targeted specifically for your needs.

Testing takes about two hours.  At the Auckland Memory Clinic we use the latest, world-standardised memory tests.   You will be guided through a variety of interesting tasks.  It is an enjoyable process!  You will come back a day or two later and I will give you a full written report of the results of your tests, and discuss whether further help is needed.


You may make an appointment directly with me, or through your GP.  I am very happy to send your doctor a copy of your memory test report.

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Treatment at the Auckland Memory Clinic

Because many aspects of your memory have been tested, I will have a clear picture of the particular memory difficulties you are experiencing. This makes practical, targeted treatment possible. You won’t waste time and effort on the parts of your memory which are working well for you. On the contrary, all your effort and resources will be directed to exactly where you need the help.

If you choose to have individual sessions of treatment, you will work through a series of tasks targeting the problem, whether it is with your short-term memory, working memory, remembering names and faces, verbal or non-verbal memory, the skills needed for keeping track of appointments and so on, or if memory lapses are making it tough at work, school or university.  Be assured that help is at hand.



Your memory sessions with me will also be directed at developing brain resilience. Brain resilience is the ability of the brain to resist or ‘work around’ the age-related biological changes that can have such a debilitating effect on the memory.  Building resilience, or brain ‘reserve’, allows continued brain growth and will result in sharpening your memory skills and the way your brain processes information.

Group Treatment

You may prefer to work with a group of people who are all experiencing similar difficulties.  If so, a Brain Fit for Life workshop may be the right choice for you.


Working with others who are experiencing similar memory difficulties is enjoyable.  The programmes are fun, challenging, and founded on internationally acclaimed research into life-span memory.


The maximum benefits will come if you choose the full memory testing prior to joining a workshop. This will very specifically pinpoint your individual areas of memory difficulty and I will ensure these are addressed in the group you attend.