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Be Brain Fit for Life! 

The fun, exciting way to improve your memory and brain power, keeping you sharp and in control.

It's just like taking your brain to the gym!
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Brain Fit For Life workshops are fun and exciting

Brain Fit For Life© classes are interactive, fun, and challenging.  Class by class your confidence will grow and you will experience the sense of being i control.  No longer will you assume memory loss is an inevitable part of the ageing process.


Like physical fitness, brain fitness brings a sense of well-being and the joy experiencing a healthy, active brain and memory.


Whether you are in the workplace, social situations, studying, or simply struggling with memory lapses, you will be amazed at the improvement in your memory and brain agility.

One of the challenges of the modern-day workplace, school or university is the sheer amount of information people are expected to remember, and remember instantly.  Keeping mentally sharp gives an advantage in both work place and in education.  Ensure you are mentally sharp and are able to recall vital information at the time you need it.  Astonish clients by your ability to recall names and to sort through options and make decisions quickly and accurately.


In the work force, studying, experiencing memory lapses? 

Brain Fit For Life© is for You!

Brain Fit For Life©  is ideal for those in middle age. These classes are designed to build a buffer against future memory loss.


Don't accept increasing memory problems are inevitable - they're not!


Brain Fit For Life© is particularly suitable for 50+ adults who are finding increasing memory problems worrying.

An older Brain Fit For Life group in progress - it's never too late!

Your workshop can be taken in five weekly sessions of an hour-and-a-half


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Brain Fit for Work©

Why Corporate and Workplace Seminars?

Whatever your age, a well functioning, productive brain and memory are crucial to your ongoing personal and professional success.  As an employer or manager, you can enhance the productivity, efficiency, and power of your team through the development of brain resilience and mental fitness.


Research is consistent that the brain can be 'age-proofed' against decline, if people learn the skills to create a buffer against memory decrements and the loss of brain sharpness.


One of the greatest challenges to employers is the ageing of the highly-trained and skilled  workforce. A prime key to success in the competive corporate market is that your work force mantains and enhances its cognitive skills. People from the age of 20 can benefit from the skills taught in our seminars, while older members of your staff and management will develop and maintain confidence, productivity, and heightened mental acuity.


The opportunity to make a crucial difference to your company may be taken either as a small, in-house seminar, or by the organisation of a larger multi-company seminar in a suitable venue.

Your Seminar Presenters

Dr. Allison Lamont, PhD (Psychology), MA (Hons.), MNZAC, MNZPsS, APS, ASSBI, is internationally known for her research into age-related memory loss. Her research, published by Verlag in Germany in March, 2008, excited great interest because of the focus she gave to the key areas of memory skills needed for independent living in older age. She identified six key areas of memory skills that were pivotal in maintaining a confident, active and independent lifestyle in later life. Working closely with her sister, award-winning educator, Gillian Eadie, brain training tools have been developed based around these six critical skills. Dr. Lamont has presented her findings at world conferences in the USA, Scotland, and New Zealand and her research sells through and a host of other book stores. She is founder and clinician at the Auckland Memory Clinic.

Gillian Eadie, MEd, BA, LTCL, HFNZCS, Churchill Millennium Fellow, has been a teacher, administrator and school principal for more than 35 years. Also an international presenter in education, Gillian has taught young people from elementary to senior high school and has a passionate interest in how people of all ages learn best. She is now with The University of Auckland where she chaired the University of Auckland Human Participant Ethics committee, which approves university research. On hearing of Dr. Lamont's work on Memory and the Brain, she became committed to working with Dr. Lamont to ensure that companies, worldwide, could benefit from these new research findings.

Skills and Topics Covered

  • Understanding how your brain functions and how to maximize its potential

  • How memory works

  • Six vital types of memory for enhanced productivity, memory confidence, and to build a buffer against future memory loss.

  • Development of efficient memory skills for the retention of important facts and information, the vital skill of remembering names and faces, how to remember your 'things to do' list.

  • Using the brain to improve reasoning, comprehension and recall

  • Understand lifestyle choices which will enhance mental fitness and energy..​

Outcomes of Your Seminar.​

  • Improvement in mental sharpness

  • Improvement in all vital aspects of memory and brain function

  • Greater ability in reading, absorbing and recalling information

  • Improved ability at remembering names and faces in social and workplace environments

  • Increased working memory ability which underpins all reasoning, planning and problem-solving

  • Brain resilience

  • A competitive advantage in personal and workplace productivity

Where Are Seminars Held?


Seminars may be held at your choice of location, both within New Zealand and internationally.

Brain Fit for Work© Enquiries

Dr. Allison Lamont.  Email:         Telephone:  (09) 575 5432

Gillian  Eadie.           Email:                 Telephone:  (09) 528 7393